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5 Lessons in Self-Healing

I created Awake & Indigo while on my self-healing journey from trauma and pain to self-love & inner peace. Here are 5 important lessons I've learned about self-healing along the way ✨

Purple lily flower with the words 5 lessons in self-healing

1. You Can't Heal if You Don't Move.

I mean this in more than one way. First of all you need to move out of whatever unhealthy toxic situation you're in before you can heal. Staying in any situation that is harming you is an act of self-betrayal, and you cannot betray yourself and simultaneously heal yourself. Unless and until you start setting boundaries, protecting yourself, standing up for yourself, and speaking your truth, you will continue to hurt and feel separated from your Highest Self and Source. Move on, move out, and move forward.

Girl on bike with the words move on move out move forward

Also, move your ass. Literally. Trauma is stored in your body, not just your mind. Meditation, positive affirmations, and therapy help, but will only get you so far. You need to physically dislodge the trauma stored in your body or it will eat you alive from the inside. Yoga and dance are 2 of my favorite methods, but you can do literally anything as long as you are exerting energy. I like to visualize the trauma leaving my body as I move vigorously. 

2. Healing is Exhausting. Release, Rest & Repeat!

Healing is hard work that most are not willing to do. You have to face some uncomfortable shit and sit with it for awhile. You have to allow yourself to feel things you've never allowed yourself to feel before because it hurt too much. Every feeling you've shoved deep down inside of you and put to sleep is going to wake up pissed off. Processing all of that is physically and emotionally exhausting. You may feel depressed and need a lot of sleep. Take the rest you need and deserve. Keep processing and releasing. It gets easier the more you do it.

I like to practice crying with intention. When I feel tears bubbling to the surface I embrace the chance to release stagnant energy. Even if it's over something silly. You can be triggered by anything but allowing yourself to cry releases so much more than what triggered you. Especially if you are intentional about it. It helps to visualize yourself releasing your pain to the universe while light grows inside you, taking up all of the empty space.

Woman meditating at sunset with the words release rest and repeat

3. Healing is Not Linear, & Happens in Layers.

Much like the path to enlightenment, the path to healing is a winding road of ups and downs. Maybe you are feeling really at peace over something and then boom, you're triggered again out of nowhere. The Universe is sending people and situations into your life to peel back the layers of your wounds. When this happens you know it's time to get to work again. You have to clean out the wound, sometimes multiple times before it heals. It's painful and it stinks. You heal one layer only to find another deeper layer still in need of healing. It's a journey that can take months, years, even lifetimes. 

Woman walking mountain trail with the words the path to healing is not linear

4. Don't Do It Alone.

There is a lot of focus right now on self-love and independence. We are told we need to learn to enjoy life alone, and it's a weakness to crave connection with others. While attempting to teach self-love, somewhere along the way we've forgotten that as humans we do actually need other people! We need love and support from family, friends, and community to thrive and survive. You don't have to go on this journey alone! It's perfectly ok to rely on someone and allow someone else to love and support you. It's ok to need your best friend, your partner, or your mom. You are not weak for needing that. You are human and you're not designed to do it alone. 

Four friends embracing looking at the horizon with the words don't do it alone

5. Time Does Not Heal All Wounds.

"Time heals all wounds" is something that people say because they don't know what to say. They don't  know how to heal their own wounds, much less give advice to someone else on how to heal theirs. Trauma can survive in your body for the rest of your life, and can be passed on to your children and grandchildren. Studies in Epigenetics show that trauma can be passed down through your DNA for many generations. That means that you are also carrying the trauma of many ancestors before you. When we decide to take this healing journey, we are breaking generational curses while also healing our children and future generations. 

woman under water with clock with the words dont wait for time to heal you, heal yourself in time

If you choose to do nothing, your wound will only heal superficially with time. If you don't do the work to heal yourself, the wound will reopen at the slightest aggravation. You're going to bleed on people who didn't hurt you. It's ok to take your time, just don't leave it up to time. Do the work to heal yourself from within. The journey is not always easy but it's the only path to inner peace and self-love. 

I enjoy using crystals and cleansing tools in my spiritual practice so I created crystal sets to share healing energy & Loving vibes with others on their healing journey. 

You do not need crystals to be spiritual or to work on healing & self-love, although they absolutely make the process more enjoyable!

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