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Crystals to Cleanse & Protect

Remove and repel bad vibes in your home or workspace with crystals that absorb and protect against negative energy. These powerful stones can be used to purify the aura, provide emotional cleansing or refresh your space after a fight or a period of sickness. Place by your door to shoo away bad energy left behind by a negative visitor or remove psychic debris picked up from outside the home. These stones are also great for providing a calm environment and absorbing anxiety. 

Affirmation: The light of Love fills this space. Negative energy be gone. I fill my home & spirit with only pure cleansing white light and positive energy. 

Box Includes the following natural, raw crystals:

 Black Obsidian - Shields against negative energy, provides strong protection, blocks psychic attack (evil eye). 
 Purple Amethyst - Transmutes negative energy, assists with insomnia and nightmares. Brings protection and safety to travelers.
 Fluorite - Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. Encourages positivity. 
 Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - Helps release what's not serving you, emits peaceful energy, promotes general cleansing and purification.
• Hematite - Powerful grounding energy that brings calm while protecting and detoxifying

The Crystals & Sage Box also includes a sage and Palo Santo smudge kit to smoke cleanse your crystals, space, and aura:

•White Sage Wand - Used to cleanse spaces, houses, rooms or environments of any kinds of subtle, old energies and prepare the space with fresh intent. Wrapped with bay leaf and citrus for extra purification. Sage is sustainably sourced from Southern California. 
•Palo Santo Stick - Uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of any environment, facilitates creativity, and attracts positive energy. Sustainably sourced from Ecuador.