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Crystals for Addiction Recovery

The Restart & Recover Box contains crystals to facilitate healing from any type of addiction by enhancing connection to Higher Self & Divine, and fostering Self-love, Self-esteem, and Self-motivation.  

Affirmation: I am worthy, strong, and in control. I like the person I am becoming. I am getting better everyday!

  • Aventurine - Facilitates Self-healing and Self-love

  • Citrine- Fosters Self-esteem and protects against Self-destructive tendencies

  • Rainbow Moonstone - Assists with communication with Highest Self and Divine

  • Tigers Eye - Enhances Self-motivation and will power

  • Amethyst Point - Supports sobriety, promotes restful sleep & connection to Highest Self

This Box also include a smudging set to cleanse your crystals, space, and aura. 

  • Selenite Wand - Place next to crystals to cleanse them or use to comb your aura and direct energy flow. To do this hold the wand in your hands over the top of your head, and slowly pass it down in front of you

  • Palo Santo - Used widely by shamans and healers, this "holy wood" brings in peace, harmony, luck and protective energies. Place in the box with your crystals for instant cleansing from the aromatic oils in the wood, or burn it just like sage.

  • White Sage Bundle - Burn to remove negative energy from your home or workspace and clear away emotional baggage