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I Love You Crystal Collection

• Rose Quartz - Stone of the Heart: The Love Stone
• Lepidolite - Balancing stone that calms and soothes the heart, promotes peaceful relationships
• Pink Tourmaline - Heart healing stone that promotes feelings of Love, Happiness, & Trust
• Sky Blue Quartz - Gentle communication & healthy self-expression. Encourages Forgiveness
• Rhodonite -Emotional healer, use for grounding during turbulent times. Restoring & reinvigorating.
• Polished Selenite Heart - Cleansing & purifying, Connects you to the Highest Source of Love.
• Palo Santo - Cleanses & invites in higher frequencies of Love.
• Floral White Sage Bundle with Lavender and Rose Petals 🌹 - Cleanses & infuses Loving energy