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How to Use

There are so many ways to harness the healing power of crystals in your daily life ✨

Read below for a few tips on how to use our products 👇

Our Crystal & Sage Gift Boxes are curated for your meditation, visualization, and affirmation practices. Hold the stones in your hands while you focus on the energy you need to bring about a desired result.

Whether you are seeking self-love, manifesting abundance, or working with grief, anxiety, or health issues, the healing vibrational power of crystals can energetically assist you.

When you are not using them, place somewhere in your living space to ground energy and radiate your intentions back to you.

Our Crystal Wands fit perfectly in your hand to hold during meditation and visualization. Program your desires into the wand with your intention and focus. Your creative energy is absorbed and held within the wand, and magnified with each use, giving it more power.

When you’re not using it, place it on your altar, bedside, or out in a living area or workspace. It makes a beautiful decoration while radiating the frequency that you have programmed into it.

💎 Place crystals on your body and over your chakras to clear energetic blockages. For example, place rose quartz over your heart to cleanse your heart chakra, or amethyst between your eyes to cleanse your third eye chakra.

💎 Use crystals to cleanse people and spaces. Place in areas where loved ones sleep or in rooms where there may have been an argument or negative experience.

💎 Use to stimulate creativity and ideas. Place crystals in your workspace to help you think clearly and problem solve.

💎 Wear your crystals as jewelry to remind you of your intentions and to ground you into your desired frequency. 

💎 Use crystals during tarot or oracle readings. Place crystals on top of your deck to cleanse and infuse with positive energy, or around your spreads to draw in wisdom and clarity.

Our tarot crystals and kits are made specifically to support your tarot & oracle readings, providing psychic protection and enhanced intuition ✨

To charge your crystals, place them under the full moon overnight.

Check out my easy Full Moon Ritual here 🌕

You can also charge them with visualization. Hold them in your hands and imagine a white light coming down from the Universe, into your crown, down through each chakra, then through your arms and hands and into the crystal.

You can use this same method to cleanse your crystals and program them with your intentions.

Sage and Palo Santo are energy clearing tools that can be burned to smoke cleanse your crystals, space, and aura. 

Light one end on fire and blow on it to get the smoke going.

Use a feather or your hand to waft smoke over your crystals. 

To cleanse yourself start over your head then down into your heart and down your body out through your feet.

To cleanse your home, start at the lowest level and move room to room wafting the smoke into all four corners where ceiling and walls meet.

You can say a mantra out loud as you are cleansing

“Only love and light are welcome here”


"I release all energy not serving my highest good"

Open a window and direct the smoke and energy out of your home. Extinguish the fire by stamping it out in an ash tray or bowl.

After the smoke clears place crystals out in your home along with some fresh flowers and essential oils to fill the space back up with loving energy ✨

Our Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Sprays are made with high-quality essential oils & water charged under the full moon. Use them on their own or in combination with crystals and sage. They make a refreshing aura mist or room spray to use after smoke cleansing. Use before meditation or yoga to set the mood and intention of your practice. 

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