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✨ How to Use Crystals & Sage ✨

There are so many ways to harness the healing power of crystals in your daily life ✨

Read below for a few tips on how to use our products 👇

Unlock the magical energy of crystals with Awake & Indigo Crystal Gift Boxes, specially curated for your meditation, visualization, and affirmation practices. Connect with the natural healing properties of these precious stones and harness their power to help you manifest positivity in every aspect of your life. Whether you need an extra boost of self-love or want to manifest abundance, our collection of gems will guide you on your journey towards inner peace and fulfillment. 

Crystals are powerful tools that can be used to help you heal, manifest, and connect with your higher self. To get the most benefits from these powerful stones, here are some steps to follow:

 🌟 Start by cleansing the crystal - this is done to remove any negative energy that may be attached to it. You can use smoke (like sage or incense), sound (with a singing bowl), or water (by running it under a tap for a few minutes). Once cleansed, your crystal will be ready for use.

 🌟 Meditate with your crystal - take a few deep breaths and hold the crystal in your hands. Focus on its energy radiating throughout your body, allowing it to bring balance and healing to you. Allow yourself to be embraced by its power and let go of any negative emotions or thoughts that are holding you back from living your best life.

 🌟 Keep your crystals close - keep them in a special place in your home where you spend time daily, like near a window or an altar of sorts. This way, you can stay connected to their powerful energy no matter what!

Experience the magic of our stunning Crystal Wands as you hold them during meditation or visualization. Infuse your intentions into the wand with focused energy, creating a powerful tool for manifesting your deepest desires. As you use your Crystal Wand, feel the energy magnifying with every use, giving it even more strength to bring your dreams to fruition. And when you're not using it, let it add a touch of elegance to your space as it radiates the uplifting frequency you've programmed into it. Embrace the beauty and power of our Crystal Wands today!

Discover the Magic of Crystals and how they can benefit your life in so many ways!

🌟 Unblock your energy with the power of crystals by placing them on your body or chakras. Imagine the blissful feeling of rose quartz melting away any negativity from your heart or amethyst awakening your intuition by cleansing your third eye.

🌟Create a positive atmosphere in your home or office by using crystals to purify the space. Transform any negative energy to positive, leaving you and your loved ones in a calm and peaceful environment.

🌟Tap into your creativity and boost your problem-solving skills by keeping crystals nearby. Experience clarity and inspiration while you work surrounded by the energy of these captivating minerals.

🌟Enhance your tarot or oracle readings with the mystical power of crystals! By placing these glimmering gems on top of your deck or around your spreads, you'll not only cleanse and infuse your cards with positive energy but also draw in powerful insights and clarity. With these sparkling companions by your side, prepare for a divination experience like no other!

🌟Make a statement with crystal jewelry that reminds you of your intentions and helps you stay grounded. Show off your style and reap the benefits of this timeless accessory that's not just beautiful, but also empowering.

Bring forth the magic in your precious crystals by giving them a full moon's charge! Or, ignite your visual senses by picturing a pure white light entering your crown and absorbing into your crystal's power. Let your intention guide you as you cleanse and transform your crystals into aligning with your beliefs. Trust the energy that flows within you and your precious stones, as they harmonize together to bring positivity and healing into your life.

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Smoke cleansing tools are a great way to clear energy from any space, whether it be home or work, as well as your own aura. Handcrafted from herbs and flowers like lavender and sage, these wands will bring sweet-smelling smoke into the air while cleansing your environment of negative energy.

To use them, simply light the end of the wand over a heatproof dish and allow the smoke to rise up in a circular motion around yourself or your space. As this happens, chant an affirmation such as “only love remains” or some other positive sentiment that resonates with you. This practice is believed to release stagnant energy while also inviting new positive vibes into the area.

Palo santo wood is another great tool for cleansing. This sustainably sourced incense has been used for centuries by shamans in South America to cleanse energy and purify spaces. To use it, light the end of the stick until it catches fire and quickly blow out the flame so that you’re left with a smoldering piece of wood. While doing this, close your eyes and set an intention – such as manifesting abundance or self-love - as you waft the smoke around yourself or your space. Be sure to place any leftover ashes into a heatproof bowl, then dispose of them when finished.

By combining both tools, you can create a powerful ritual that will help clear away stagnant energy while also inviting positive vibes into your life and space.

After the smoke clears place crystals out in your home along with some fresh flowers and essential oils to fill the space back up with loving energy ✨

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